10 Ways to Fight Against Sexual Assault on Campus

Taking all the facts and realizing how likely sexual assault is makes students want to take action. Instead of waiting for the colleges to change their policies and crack down on sexual assault problems, many students want to play their part in helping out. By volunteering, holding campaigns, learning rights, and so much more, they can raise awareness and help keep their peers safe. Creating change can always start with the small things.

1. Do you think students are aware of the sexual assault dangers on campuses?

2. What do you think the best way to help out is?



PACT5- What is Sexual Assault

It is unknowingly common for college students to experiences some type of sexual assault in their college years. PACT5 is a national movement of colleges working together to help stop the outbreak of sexual assaults and rapes in colleges. Their goal is to enlist the help of other colleges to form documentaries by students than can potentially change tragic behavior patterns.


1. Would you join with this type of program to spread awareness of Sexual Assault in college?

2. Do you feel as though PACT5 is beneficial in the help of sexual assault education? Why or why not?


It’s easy for college students and staff to forget about the dangers that actually lurk throughout the campus. When placed in a situation such as being a victim of sexual assault, it is hard to figure out everything you need to do. While somewhere in your head you know that it should be reported, it may be hard at the time to actually think about doing it. The AAUP policies and procedures are put in place to remind students and staff of the consequences that sexual assault can bring.


1. Do you feel as though this information on that page could help a victim in their decision to report their assault?

2. After reading the information presented on this page, do you feel more educated on sexual assault and the consequences of it?  And do you feel as though it is information that can easily be remembered?

Campus Safety: RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network)

Colleges do take action to prevent rape and sexual assault, however there is much more that could be done. Many students are still at risk. This is due to lack of policies stating what to do when a sexual assault occurs, and a lack of teaching or talking about sexual assault situations or risks on campuses. Many colleges simply just aren’t doing the best they can to protect their students.


1. Do you think colleges need to take more responsibility for the safety of their students?

2. Do you agree that more can be done/stronger policies could be made? Or do you think that most colleges really are trying their hardest?

3. Do you think more policies being put in place could help the number of rape cases decrease on campuses?